REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Écharpe à la Mode

When I think of Écharpe à la Mode, the first that comes to mind is romance! If you looked through their site and how the pictures are taken, my mind immediately goes to a scenery of a flowing scarf around me, sitting an outside patio with the sun caressing my hands which are holding the book am reading and in moments of pauses between turning pages just thinking of love(sigh). Ok, back to reality! When I first opened their packaged it was all I imagined!

So, in the note of romance our giveaway of our reviewed items will be all about our other half. There will be two days, two winners and two simple ways to enter.

1. Tell us how did you know he was or is the one? Did you know instantly, did you know after praying Istikhara(guidance prayer). 

2. Give us a good marriage advice either to seek a spouse to maintain a marriage.


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