Zeena just released their NEW Spring/Summer 2012 Collection! I love the cuts and the colors they chose. It's simplicity make it easy to coordinate with different outfits and I really love the looseness, length, classic and modest(the seamline above the breast line pulls away from draping over the chest, which can show the shape of them and well, we know it's nobodys business to know your bra size) cuts along the option to take the belt off on their new tops. What do you think about the wide belt? Lastly, I have always loved Zeena's choice of prints. They are truly stunning. Here are our picks!

Springtime Scarf

Honeysuckle Scarf

Sunshine Scarf

Crew Neck Top

Royal Guard Shirt

Long Sleeve-T

Belted Shirt

Bow-Tie Dress Shirt

Cyclone Scarf

Flagship Scarf

Dark Night Scarf

Pebble Beach Wrap

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What do you think about the new collection?