Travel(PHOTOS): Pepsi or Bepsi?

So, I recently had my first trip solo internationally(across the world). Quite nervous because, well my Arabic consists of a few words. Now who puts themselves in situation like that? ME! But, it was fun and fun. Even though there really wasn't much planning  to it at least not from my part. The city in turn this time was Cairo, Egypt. Here are some snap shots of my trip. Sorry for the quality. I really wasn't up for taking pics, but just happened to snap away using my phone once in the moment.

Waiting to board my flight.

9 hours later! Getting ready for landing.

My hard stuffed cotton-filled pillow and mattress. Talk about waking up straight.

My first bepsi(pepsi) If you are Arab, you know what I am talking about. For my family and close friends. In the Arabic alphabet there is no "P" so the closest in sound is "B" I also want to credit my cousin for the new logo. He was the one who came up with it!

Let me just say how much I love this milk! 

This is one is for my family. Prior to Islam I thought only Arabs were muslim, but I was wrong, there are Christian Arabs too and the Bible is in Arabic where the word "Allah" referring to "God" is used.

Entrance gate to the Museum.

We were not able to take pictures inside, but at the entrance we were greeted with huge statues of Ramses II and throughout the entire visit, I just kept getting chills of seeing all tombs. The museum was filled with art students sitting around working on projects.

I can't count the number of times I was offer bepsi, but on one of the times I opt for something different.

My first time seeing pyramids. I loved the experience.

Traveling between pyramids.

Inside the Pyramid. If you ever plan to visit and climb the inside. Wear comfortable shoes and hydrate yourself. That was a true work-out. The experience was amazing!

Some yummy local food!

I had some very yummy pizza!

More Bebsi!

The best zoo ever! This close to Lions....

Came at their lunch time.

Now, this was the best part of the zoo! We were allowed this close and the zookeeper made him smile, well at least to him.

See him smile?

The beginning of an unplanned shopping experience.

Welcome to headscarfland! I couldn't resist and after hundreds of scarves, I took my picks! You can buy them from $3-5 and for wholesale, which is a different location, you can get them from $2-3. 

Try managing shopping bags, your handbag, a water bottle, popcorn and browsing through scarves in compacted crowded places and busy-filled streets.

Some yummy bread!

What I found in the back of a taxi cab. Even these guys smoke!

Taking a nice walk for dinner.

Stopping for dinner at Tika!

This deep-fried bread was soooooooooooo delicious!

Of course a little cruise down the Nile. It was sunny and a gorgeous day. Just one thing, the music was blasting. LOL and we were accompany by some dancers. It was entertaining. One thing I really like was seeing school girls and boys(I want to say in the age of 13-15)hijab smoking. Sorry, but that is just so disgusting.

Mubarak's building or what is left of it! Nothing last forever and what goes up, must come down.

Frying some potatoes french-fry style.

A little bit on the traffic in Cairo. Be patient! PATIENT! I think I fell asleep a couple of times and we were still not there. It is hectic, crowded and guess what? NO STREET LIGHTS! YEP! cross at your own risk.The interesting fact was that with all that I didn't see one car that was damaged due to car collision. Interesting.

Last but not least, a snap shot towards the place where it all went down. Tahir Square. I am told that every Friday there is activity there. It was truly special to stand in the place. I had to really take a minute to take it in. I felt emotional.

Well, that was some of my fun of a few days! I have been wanting to get some pyramids for my home from my previous trips, but I don't know why we have to travel so loaded with gifts back and forth. Let me tell you something about the Arabs, they are so generous with their actions and be ready to overeat. One thing I definitely prepared for. Gift-giving(along with tea) is such a big thing in the culture and very sure it derives from Islam. In Islam gift-giving plants the seed of love between people.  I also love their food, their generosity and all their sweet words they always throw at you. I truly felt special! A big shukran(thank you) for my hosts! 

Ana Habek Masr!(I Love Egypt)

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  1. I can't see most of the pictures but I'm happy you had a great time! I traveled to Egypt so many times and I miss it every once in awhile. It is a love-hate relationship! :D