Beauty & Make-up Routine With Tips, But Always Glam!

Let me start this post by saying that I have a Dunya(life) addiction to beauty things. It is one of my greatest struggles more than the hijab for me. Prior to converting to Islam, it was my greatest worry because all I thought to myself, "I am gonna have to look ugly for the rest of my life." It is interesting how we become dependent on certain things of this life and how they can sometimes define us. I will keep it real. I loved make-up so much and would spend hours and lots of mula(money) on it. I will not mention the $165 facials I would have once a month. Yep! done it all, laser, chemical peels and lots of micros. Shhh! After coming into Islam, I came to a point of reflection. Where I asked myself "Why do I beautify myself?" I really did some soul diggin'. I came to the real conclusion that it was for two reasons. 1. I like to look good and feel good for myself. Not to mention that in my culture you are encourage into it. 2. I want to look beautiful for others. I don't know about you, but that is my truth and let's be real, Make-up does enhance our beauty and sometimes even transforms our face. This as I said has been the greatest struggle. I could never imagine myself going a day out without make-up. NEVER!

As many things I have learned in the make-up world. I learned not to be cheap with my health and beauty products. Hey! I work hard for my money. So, if I could afford it why not? Right. I like to invest in things that last and that at the long-run are not going to cause damage. Now, am not promoting or encouraging anyone. All I am saying is make wise choices and live to the means of your life because sometimes us gals, we like to live a life we wish we had. Anyways, after many learning experiences, I have come down to know that accepting our natural beauty is the best a woman can do and that what makes your face glow is not Chanel, it is our connection with Allah SWT. Once in Makkah, I met a lady, that was not attractive to the eye, but there was such a glow and beauty and whiteness to her face that really impacted my heart. I learned later, she had memorized the entire Qur'an. 

So, after many battles and return trips from the mall. I have now come down to a simple way to balance my dunya addiction, but still look glam. 

I first want to start with a tip. Don't listen to those people over the counter. They are just trying to sell. Listen to your skin. It will tell you what it needs. Maybe in another post I will get into details on what a skin needs at different ages, but this post is for a normal-to-oily skin without any problems. Ok one or two little problems. I just wash my face at morning and night. Moisturize it. I have a specific cream for the eyes and for the face. When applying the eye cream, be careful and don't be harsh. This part of the eye has no oil glands and if you stretch it, you will contribute to wrinkles. I use this little silver paddle I got from La Mer.(Forgot to take a picture of it) It is very cooling to the eye tool. When applying cream to the face, use upward strokes. Try to use products that are as natural based as possible. In another post I will show you guys how to make your own creams at home. Another tip when applying creams, be always sure you apply it to the neck and chest because this is often a neglected area. This is also where the first areas of aging start showing. So, slap some cream on them.

As I mentioned use products that are as natural base as possible. I opt for a mineral powder concealer and use a brush to put it on.

Always let your creams settle in your face before applying make-up. Otherwise, you will create this muddy mess. After, the creams have settled in, use blotting tissue to get rid of any excess oil or cream. I don't like liquid foundations. I prefer something powder. One thing to remember is that to blend in to the neck. Otherwise you will look like you have a mask on. 

Before you add anything to your lips, exfoliate them. I use a product from Avon, but also what works probably even better is a toothbrush. Yep! when you are brushing your teeth, brush your lips too. I like to keep the lip area neutral color by using a nude lipstick or lipgloss just because I love and always aim for the smokey-eye look. But, even when I don't do it, I still keep it natural looking.

For the eyes and an everyday use. You can use a eyeliner. Aim for brown. it creates more of natural look. Put it on the inner top eyelid instead of the bottom. Blinking will blend it on both ends. Then add one coat of mascara. Did you read that? One coat. Of course, the event calls for it, glam it up! I came to the conclusion that I don't need a thousand brushes. I only need a shadow/blending and eyeliner brush to create my favorite look and many other looks. To remove eye make-up use an oil base always. Olive oil works as good too.

This is a very simple one, but the trick is in the brush. Use a brush to get the best natural blend. I have tried from sponges to whatever. I don't like it. Aim for a natural flush instead of painting your cheeks.

To keep your nails and cuticles looking pretty. Use an oil base like the one below or olive oil is great too right after the shower! Use it on your hands and feet.

So, there you have it ladies. A simple routine you can do on a everyday basis that just highlights your assets and balances the need of wearing make-up or too much make-up. Also, a step and challenge down to modesty when it comes down to make-up. My best recommendation is to avoid it completely. Really it is best for the skin and it a big step towards modesty. The best way to keep all looking its best is to eat healthy, excercise and drink lots of water. I know it is hard, but achievable to lessen our make-up. I can now tell you that I don't wear any make-up at all for the outside or around non-mahrams. Lastly, you don't need a tons of products. Just some basics. You just have to know your skin. This will save you time and money. But, when it comes down to a party or having guests over my home, you better believe I take out my tools and live it up! ....because I can!

Having been through tons of facial experiences. I can tell you that a good cleaning regimen, good and healthy eating lifestyle along with facial massages are really all you need to age gracefully. The truth is we can only look our best and we can't turn back time. Just for some of us it takes time to get out of denial. Here are two videos I use before going to an event, when I do my cleaning regimen when I wake up or just when I feel a little stressed, but it also helps drain out excess fluid we collect in our eyes and face. This will save you time, money and it doesn't take long to do. Something I wished I learned a while ago, but I still like the feeling of going somewhere to be pampered. There are 4 parts of the videos. 

Part OnePart TwoPart Three, and Part Four.

Another really good thing to do once a week is exfoliating(this is for normal-to-oily skin without severe problems) A good exfoliator to do at home is sugar and yellow lemon(be sure you will not go out, because lemon and the sun can cause stains in your face) and be sure to rinse completely. Prior to doing an exfoliation, do a steam bath of your face. You can just boil water and do 2 minutes at a time with a towel of your face. Please not at the stove. Do remove the pot or place in a heat resistant bowl. If you suffer from asthma or other illness, please check with your doctor. For a little extra cleaning add Chamomile. After the steam bath, exfoliation, do a honey mask for 15 minutes. When exfoliating don't sand down your face, just gently do a scrub. Last thing to remember is that nothing works over night. To be brief, remember that what you do to your body now, will have and show in effect in the next five years. Really there are no potions to stay young forever.

....My next challenging step is replacing all my beauty products for halal-made ones. InshaAllah. Oh wait! before I forget, the glam part is that I feel beautiful in my own skin.


  1. So, two things! One: I really really want to hear your story! You know what I mean, the who the what the how, all of it. Lol. I think it would be a great blog post so think about it!!! Also, how come no pictures? Does that sound creepy?!? I hope not!!

    Your sister on Islam

  2. I like this post. I am makeup illiterate and have still yet to experience getting my self made over and seeing the wonders of makeup. Everyone says be gentle with the skin but I feel the need to scrub the mess out of it. IS it really that bad? SOmetimes I worry that there is no way to treat the imperfections on my face. I enjoyed this and will take your tips into account.

    1. Umm Sultana, thank you for liking my post. You know something somethings are better left unknown=) except a skin care regimen. Now that, you must know=)

    2. It is not good to scrub ur skin! It will get irritated!

  3. Hi Farah! Thank you for reading=)It is something to think about, for sure. But, am not sure. We will see=) InshaAllah. I dont put pictures for the same reason FB saves them and the 10yrs later, they decide to put you on blast. Lol jk. It is just part of modesty, that's all=)

  4. Oh I LOVE this post! I like how you encourage sisters to feel beautiful whilst staying modest! :-)
    You mention your culture a lot, what ethinicity are you, may I ask? :-)

    1. Thank you so much for the love! I think we are all beautiful in our own way, just sometimes we fail to see that because we are to busy with our insecurities, comparing ourselves to others or plainly just trying to please others. For encouraging others this from my teacher, she once said "a Muslim woman doesn't go around doing senseless thing" not easy because you are always questioning your action. Also, I think that by being at both sides of the worlds, I better know what is good for otherwise am wasting my precious time=) well at least trying=)

  5. Love it! I just started exgoliating w honey n salt! And i also use a avocado oatmeal clay mask!

    1. Thank you for liking it=) OMG! I must try the honey and salt:D I also use an oatmeal one but I put milk=)

  6. Love the beauty tips and the massage videos going to try it out insha'Allah.. Thank you soo much sis:D:D