REVIEW: Veiled With Love

"Beautiful collection of scarves and jewelry, so each and everyone of you can be."  - Veiled With Love

Veiled With Love is located in New York and ran by Noha Hassan. They have just recently launched. Before I proceed. I want to speak a bit about Noha. She has the most upbeat, spunky and loveable attitude, which made this review really exciting to do. Prior to doing the review I was following her blog and FB page and I really love her sense of style and how she deals with her readers. So, let's check-out some of their new stock that is not out yet and I was privileged to review. But, first please meet the lovely stylist and CEO, Noha Hassan.



My most awaiting moment begin with this package. Yup, that's for me!

I was eager to open it because I had really no clue what she sent and I was too shy to ask. Are you ready to see?

The next part was the unveiling of the tissue paper.  Drum roll please! and there they are! I must say that all was folded very neatly.

Let's get a close-up of the beautiful items.

and the lovely pin!

The blue one has this very beautiful shimmering effect. It is made of synthetic fibers. It is light even with the beadwork, which I personally like because it doesn't put weight on the head. I find this scarf ideal for parties and other events. Also because it's delicate, it must be handwash or dryclean. The measurements are 20in X 68in. It does have to be worn with an undercap because it has a bit of transparency. Can you see the shimmering?

Next one up is a square scarf with an interesting pattern. When I first looked at it, I was a bit hmmmm iffy about it, but once I started styling it on my doll. I loved it! It measures 40in X 40in. It is completely polyester and of medium-light weight. Ideal for spring.

The pink one is so pretty and I love the flower details it has on one side. The measurements are 17in X 65in. It is light and has an opaque transparency. It is also made of polyester and doesn't have a stretch and because of the flower details, it must be handwashed or drycleaned. I also like its wrinkle effect and found that it should be used with another scarf to get proper coverage.

The last piece is an undercap that has two folds, stitching at edge and ties at the back. It is also made of a cotton blend. 

Now, for some stylin' fun! I got to work and did some styles using the scarves. 

That's not it darlin'! Veiled With Love will be releasing very soon their clothing line. Here is a sneak peak and our pick and of course you can catch more at her FB page here.  

Also, do check-out her blog for some stylin' fun. I heard, well, I actually read she will start tutorials, a Youtube channel, make-up hauls and more. So catch her there or on her tweeter:@NohaAdelx 

...hope you enjoyed and got informed!

Innovation: N/A
True Colors: Excellent
Design: N/A
Workmanship: Excellent
Customer Service: Excellent
Shipping: Excellent
Product Quality: Good
Price: Good

Based on the scale of:   Poor - Ok -  Fair - Good - Excellent