REVIEW: Hijab n Style

"Every hijab in our store is hand picked. Our unique hijabs will be perfect for your beautiful hijab collection"  -  Hijab n Style

When Hijab n Style who is located in Virginia, which is within the U.S. contacted us, I was actually very excited. Why? One, I had already scoped out their scarves and accessories. So Lucky me! I really think their prices are ridiculously fair. But, wait there is more! Hijab n Style doesn't only carry scarves. They carry some very cute pins too! And, check this! they start at $1.50 and are made of Swarovski Elements.

 See a few of our picks.

aren't they the cutest things ever? 

So, let's begin our review journey. So, we got our package in the mail. I think presentation is extremely important because it says alot about a business. I love that Hijab n Style takes its time to actually pick a style of packaging. It really set the mood for me. Hey! I like to feel special. Don't you?

These are the three items I got and which our GIVEAWAY picks will get!

1. Bijou
2.  Divine Brown
3. Fairy Meadows

(from left to right)

Here is a close up.

They are weaved and made of Viscose. This is a synthetic material used in Rayon and will explain its extremely softness! The weaving is not tight on the first two from left to right and they are also very light and delicate. So, you must be careful when handling them or you will snag them. I find the far left and middle one ideal for Spring and Summer because they are light and breezy. The one in the far right is actually a very interesting one because it is multi-color and it is a three-part. It was the most challenging for me to style. It is also thicker then the other ones. Ideal for winter or early spring.

Now the fun stuff! We got to work and did some of my own styling for each one.

Hijab n Style scarves start at $5.99 and offers FREE shipping on orders over $40. My suggestion? Do a Hijabi's Scarf Order Night. And definitely check-out their their Deals of The Day section.

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Innovation: N/A
True Colors: Excellent
Design: N/A
Workmanship: Good
Customer Service: Excellent
Shipping: Excellent
Product Quality: Excellent
Price: Excellent

Based on the scale of:   Poor - Ok -  Fair - Good - Excellent

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