Beauty Statements for Spring & Summer

Beautification is something we can't explain but for sure people do whatever to look their best and travel across the earth looking for fountains of youth, which by the way have not been found. Please do alert me when they are discovered because I would love a dip or maybe a good soak. As a muslimah we are encouraged to beautify ourselves for our husbands and look our outmost for mahram guest and friends. Here are some statements you can make of course at its due place, time and infront of the proper people like your husband, female, family and other mahram events.

Lips: Brighten up the lips

image via dashysassy

Cat-eyes: My all time favorite. I like the over-the-top eye lid liner look the best. I feel it is more natural and not too costumey. I also feel it gives the effect of wider eyes more then filling in the bottom. But, do what you feel works best and of course what you like.
image credit: eyeshadowlipstick

Colorful eyelids: Ok, so, me personally I have not tried this. I will give it a thought and maybe even a try, but not as dramatic as below. It looks fun! 

image credit: Daniel Chinchilla

Flushed Cheeks: This is my all-time favorite accompany with a the most natural and minimum make-up because it can never fail to give your face and look a fresh and young look. Of course the best way to get this is by drinking alot of water, exercising and eating healthy.

Full Brows: Here is one to shock you. We have all heard the hadith about plucking out our eyebrows. No need to quote it. So, if you are on that journey to stop, this is the perfect time. Really it is not that bad. Ya, at first there might be little withdrawal moments, but you can get over it and nothing can replace the feeling of enjoyment when you conquer your nuffs when you do something to please Allah SWT. 

image credit: shannoneileenblog

Nails: Here is one that we can really take advantage. Nude nails are in. As for me I think the best nude nails out there are the ones with no nail polish and good cuticles and moisturized hands. Also, be sure to keep them short it is sunnah and one of the five part of our fitrah. The other four are circumcision, removing the pubic and armpit hair and trimming the moustache. (reported by al jamaa'ah

Now for the fun stuff. On our off day(days of our menstruation) or in-between prayers. The reason being for this is because water has to touch every part of the nail for wudu to be complete and the nail polish blocks it. Without wudu being complete, your prayer won't be valid.

So, on those days, we can have some fun with our nails. Try some bright color or pastel colors!

image credit: manalia.buzznet

or some metallic and glitter!

image credit: stuffshelikes

Rememeber that staying young is not the key. The key is aging gracefully and that true beauty is the light that reflects on our face from your connection to Allah(God) SWT and our pure heart.

....but I still wouldn't mind a dip on some fountain of youth:-) 

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