The next "HOTTEST" Work-out!

Remember those Zumba classes? Say bye-bye to them! Remember that Bikram Yoga (I love this one and can swear by it!) the one you have to be in a hot as the hellfire(a little less hot then that) room and do yoga? Say move, move, get out the way, here I come, here I go!  Am I just typing Ludacris lyrics? Sorry, I was just getting pumped! Also, let's not forget when Pilates were the "IT" exercise. Anyways! Back to the next HOTTEST work-out. They are called Barre Classes! They have been creating a buzz, but now they are getting attention and my attention too. They are the hottest work-out in town(New York and Los Angeles). But, don't worry money-makers will take care to spread it everywhere. So, I am sure they are coming your way quite soon!

So, what are Barre classes? They are ballet inspired classes. We all love a dancer's posture and the body form(except for the toes). Well, at least I do. Now, we will be able to get it too(gee, I sound like one of those late-night informacial ads). Well, hmmm..maybe we will get the benefits of them, because we all know a dancers body takes years to accomplish. So, let's keep it real here. The awesome thing about these classes is that no dancing experience is required. So, if you have two left feet. You are alright my dear! I am so pshyched about them! I can't wait until they come in a DVD format (yes, I have not found a all-women's gym here in NY that doesn't have glass windows to the outside world. I think they missed the point) or to come in an all women sessions. Either way, while that happens, I have began my DVD search for them. Will let you know once I find it, promise. 

So, how will you look like doing these classes?

image via healthydreaming

What are some benefits of them? 

Well according to, you can benefit in the following way:

1. You work one part at a time.

2. The class derives from yoga and dance. So, you are not just working on a muscle and thinking what time to pick-up the kids or what not. You have to focus on your breathing in coordination with you movements.

3. You will work a great deal on the biggest muscle of your body, the thighs with some very challenging, let me quote what they said, "SUPER-CHALLENGING" moves. And we all know the issues some of us have with them. So, bring it on!

4. You will work on strength-training and stretching and really burn some calories.

5. Pilates moves are also a part of the class and you do alot of them.

So, they promise to truly give us a very good combo of yoga, pilates, strength-training, fat-burning, and stretching! I like.

So, there you go, now you can spin your ballerina-self around your house and gracefully do you chores:-)

......would you try them?

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