4 Things Curvy Women Need To Keep In Mind Before Selecting Clothing

Let's face it we really are not all created equal. Allah SWT made us all in different forms and shapes so we can differentiate each other and to test us with our differences. 

Now, I don't mean to put anyone on blast, but since I started posting last year pictures of modest clothing, I have noticed that businesses follow the trend of finding models that are lean. I honestly feel that yes they are real people, but somehow a bit deceiving because we all don't look like that. 

 Another point and may Allah SWT bless our sisters in Malaysia and Indonesia, but we all are not gifted with a body that is generally by the industry called "Rectangle" or "Ruler" I say a blessing because this type of body generally anything looks good. Girlfriend or sister the reality is that some of us or plenty of us have curves that can make a car fall off a cliff or a brother(preferably your husband) loose his mind! 

We were either blessed like that or, some of us let ourselves go(in every direction). Other reasons may be, we just gave birth or due to an illness. Whatever the situation is, we got curves and they aren't going anywhere. On this post I want to focus on the thighs, stomach and chest area and some tips to conceal those curves when we are out and about in the presence of non-mahrams(people you can marry)Not every loose clothing does the job.

Let's begin.....

This one has a cut right on the chest line, which looses the eye from the seamline down. Using the right type of thickness of a headscarf to cover the above part can help aid the problem of the chest. Another point on this top is that it is a loose cut which also helps conceal the thighs and stomach. 

image credit: simply zeena

This top is very interesting because the back has a pleated detail, which also helps hide our rear. The pleats if the fabric is thick enough will stand out against your body.

image credit: simply zeena

This is a top from Uniqlo that is a loosefit for the thighs and doesn't just drape over the chest area or hug your stomach.

image credit: uniqlo

The below tops can get a bit tricky, There are certain fabrics that can be thin but because the way it was made, it may work, but not all the time. For example, a pleaded chiffon or jersey top. The pleats make it stand out against the body just a bit or ruffle over our assets to hide them a bit, but again the type of fabric should lean on the thicker or a bit stiffer side. 

images credit: the pop look

image credit: welikefashion.com

If the top is not the issue and only the bottom. You can aim for tunics or dresses that have the seamline right below the chest area but either flare out or have some kind of pleated detail like the one below to help hide the figure of your thighs or stomach.

image credit: Jane Norman 

Whether your problem is up there, your stomach or down on your sides. There are 4 things you need to keep in mind when selecting your clothing:

1. The type of fabric:  The fabric must be on the stiffy side because it will stand out against your body.  For example, if you get tops or dresses that are made of certain jersey material, it will cling to your body. 

2. The cut. There are certain cuts that instead of concealing, they accentuate our assets. Look for the seamline to be above the breastline for chest issues and to conceal the thighs look for A-line tunics instead of straight cut. 

3. The length. Depending on what you are wearing, but to resolve the issue of a thigh problem, buy tunics with the above mentioned cut and that fall below the thigh by 2-3 inches.

4. The headscarf. Not just because we drape any scarf over our chest area it means we are done. We have to pay close attention the type of the scarf. Be sure it is thick enough or it has some kind of cut detail at the end like ruffles to help conceal the shape. 

......InshaAllah this helps.



  1. Ordered the Zeena British Guard shirt - waiting for it to arrive :)
    Then deciding on whether to spurge on the other Zeena top with pleats on the back.
    Nice suggestions!

    1. Good choice! Be sure to check their site on Thursdays because they have a super sale on picked items. You might get lucky and find the shirt on sale=)