Rouge Couture

"Sara Al Madani From the U.A.E & best friend Apple Wang From China worked together to create "A Fusion of Arabian and Chinese design, which brings a unique trend and style tailored with Class and Elegance."  - Rouge Couture

I came across Rouge Couture last year when I started my journey in the Islamic Fashion industry. I immediately was captivated by their uniqueness. The abaya or overgarment might look like a simple black garment, but coming up with unique designs is no easy thing. I say that from experience. Really how many more ways can you reinvent the abaya? So, it takes serious inspiration, and with inspiration comes imagination. 

These are some of our picks from their current collection, 
Fashion Creates Jealousy and Jealousy Creates Fashion 2011-2012

What makes Rouge Couture unique?

1. Pieces are limited to give you rareness
2. Free consultation with their fashion consultant.
3. They call their boutique "Chick Station"
4. You can book them to come to you. Of course with an 8 piece min.
5. Customized your own Abaya or overgarment and sit with the owners and watch them design your piece.

These are pieces from their past collections that we liked.

Now, meet the owners and designers.

all pictures are credited to Rouge Couture

I find them to be fun, unpredictable, and spunky! 
and as I always say, "Uniqueness never goes out of style" So, I would take any of their designs any day.

What do you think?

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