Our Highlights of The Premiere Showcase Event

This past Sunday, I attended an event in support of community businesses. It took place at the Gregory Hotel in New York hosted by Denise Marini Events. It is extremely exciting to attend these type of events because businesses that don't regularly sell online come out to attend and you can also catch newbie businesses, which I did! The turn-out was great. People packed the place, then again you don't have to tell some of us women twice when it comes down to shopping, pampering treatments and sweets. Well, at least not me. Enough said let's get to some of the things that caught my eye.

One designer we recognized was Zeba Ramos. We chatted and she sneaked a couple of her 'Zeba Ramos' pens in my handbag while talking to another vendor(laughing). Zeba Ramos is a label designed and 'Made in USA' and her range of clothing included maxi dresses, tunics and her new line of scarves.

The next stall I stopped by was called Suzy Stash. Well, I came to learn that Suzy refurnishes vintage clothing. How awesome is that? She takes vintage garment pieces cuts and sews it with other clothing and this is how she designs her own garments. Below is an example of one of her pieces.

by Suzy Stash

As I walked through the aisle, Mary Kay vendors where there along with lots of sweets. My next stop was a NEW shop called Zeana's. This was their first showcase event. How sweet! When I found out that they make their own accessories, I said, 'They must go on Sweet Modesty' They don't have a website yet, but you can find them on FB here.

Next stop was with mural artist Samar Musleh.

I stopped at another jewelry shop called Dazzlans. They had some pretty eye-catching bling. They don't have a website yet, but you can catch them on FB here.

I thought this was a very cute concept(business card and pin). It is by scarf and gifts store, Fular. The in-genuine me asked if I could take one. They were too cute! They responded they were not for free. That was a little girl moment there. Womp, womp.

One other place that called my attention was of course again to do with jewelry. It was Touchstone Crystal. They host jewelry parties. What else can a gal want? Well, other then a shoe, purse and make-up party, of course. Touchstone Crystal is a member of the Swarovski group. Now you know that's how you throw a party, the Swarovski way! The consultant's name is Gezime Fazliu and you can find her here.

Well ladies, it was hot in that place(too much fun going on), I had to step out but had fun and got to see new businesses and meet again designer Zeba Ramos along side the designers of the upcoming new jewelry shop The Sultaness, who is doing a collaboration launch with the one and only INGLOT. Get those details here.

While driving back I couldn't help to take a picture of the Brooklyn bridge. This city is really mesmerizing! Gloomy day, I know, but still mesmerizing. 

Tada! ...that's all for now sweet readers!

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