It's Almost Show Time!: Our Mini Interview with Ndaa Hassan

A modest show down is about to take place in the cowboy state of Texas! Fashion For Compassion is a fashion show on its 2nd year and aimed to showcase the work of modest style designers with a philanthropic approach. Last year's success included showcasing designers from the states and internationally, along with the attention of the media from Egypt to Kuwait. 

We caught up with the founder and organizer of FCC, Ndaa Hassan, and had a few fun questions for her. This is what she answered:

Sadeel(SM): How are your emotions being so close to show time?

Ndaa(FFC): OMG emotions?!?! Where do I even begin?!!? It's crazy but super exciting. Although we try to plan everything to perfection, sometimes things just don't go as planned but we are blessed to find out over time that when one door closes, another one is lit up for us. I'm constantly getting all these adrenaline rushes everytime something new and exciting happens. It's definitely a roller coaster of emotions but, nonetheless, a very adventurous ride.

Sadeel(SM): We are seeing that FFC is already bringing more this year. What's this year's cause?

Ndaa(FFC): Absolutely! There is so much more coming to the runway this year. We are at twice the number of designers that we had last year and double the audience count. Last year, our cause was Texas Muslim Women's Foundation's (TMWF) shelter home that was being built at the time. This year, although the shelter is set in stone and already running, they are in constant need of funds to run this AMAZING shelter home and be able to properly service those women in need. This is why we have chosen TMWF as this year's cause as well.

Sadeel(SM): What different things will this year's show have in comparison to last year?

Ndaa(FFC)This year's show is definitely on a much larger scale than last year's. As previously mentioned, bigger venue, double the audience, double the audience and double the models. The biggest difference though is that this year, we have a much BIGGER variety of designs and outfits. Our designers are coming in from ALL over the world. We may have every continent on the map represented at FFC 2013 haha. Some of these designers are not only sending in their pieces, but they will actually be flying in to showcase the designs on the FFC runway. A lot of changes and improvements to last year's show and, by God's will, we will continue to do so over the years with the support of our fans and community and members.

Sadeel(SM): Of course we have to ask, have you decided what you are going to wear?

Ndaa(FFC): YES AND I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT! It's super flowy and very red-carpet like but that's all I can tell you  The rest is a surprise.

During last year's show, founder and organizer Ndaa Hassan wearing INAYAH.

Sadeel(SM): We hear FFC is coming to Chicago during fall and the beautiful Sadeel will be (I am just kidding on this

Ndaa(FFC): YES! Chi-town is going on the list of FFC to go places. We are really excited about the Chicago show and the Chicago fans. Sadeel needs to be there.

We are already starting to see that this year will be a milestone for FFC, some of the media coverage expected are U.S. based Magazine AZIZAH. Designers and labels who will be gracing the runway this year include Amalina Aman who will be flying in from Sydney, Australia. Her work includes Indonesian Fashion Week. Another new international designer joining in this year is Alheli Sg from Mexico along with UK based label Mullani, French swimwear label MADAMME BK, U.S. based CoveredGirl and returning label by Yasmina Johnston. 

Well, ladies we know this is going to be a very fun year for FFC and we can't wait to catch them in Chicago and bring you all the fun!


We wish FFC a successful show!

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