ICNA's Bazaar Highlights

This past Sunday, we attended part of the 38th Convention of ICNA(Islamic Circle of North America) and of course we couldn't miss out on the bazaar section, hence our site is about the dressing needs of the modest women, how could we? 

Here are some highlights, but I promise to break down the details to some shops in further posts. My grand entrance to the bazaar, which seems no one is paying attention to.

Our first stop was Zeena! We bought one of their very soft polyester scarves and it was my first time to take a closer look at their items. I do regret not getting one of their new tops.

Amirah Couture has been in my radar since last year in Chicago and I finally got to see a close-up of their designed items and chat a few seconds with the designer herself, Amirah. I also learned about their philanthropic approach with every purchase.

Made a stop by the Canadian based boutique N-ti. Here are some breaking news: they are planning to open shop in the U.S. this fall. I have no secret connections, I just happened to be at the right time in the right place and the attendant ok'ed for me to spread the news. 

You will be getting juicier details on this new shop started by a 15yr. old boy. A big plus for their customer service and energy on selling. However, I did give them my thoughts on spoofing logos. I bought this awesome t-shirt as a gift for the husband, which he really liked! At the end of the purchase you can choose what organization you would like to donate proceeds to. I chose Greenpeace!

This shop was one of the most exiting ones because there is so much untapped talent in Philadelphia, PA. I met the designer and owner of Akilah Fashions. She designs and makes her own clothing. The prices are fair. I did buy a piece because I know getting down to Philly is not that easy. I paid $45 for the dress and the fit was perfect, but to know the person who made it makes it more dear to me. 

I stopped by to drop my quick hellos to jewelry designer Nida Mirza from ISLAMICGEMS. Her stand was very pretty. I caught a quick snap of her center table. The pink boxes seem to be a game. 

Now time for some serious raving! I came across two shops that you MUST know about. They will come in separate posts because that is how awesome they are. Kotton Love is on a whole new level and approach. They are a social-conscious shop who carry eco-friendly scarves. Look for our special feature post on them.

The night ended in a fashion show given by BulBul. I can't express the excitement for this shop. The fashion show was a very nice balance of style and Islamic guidelines. Their clothes are a in touch with the Muslim fashion trend and have proper coverage, but more amazing? Their fair prices! Please look for our special feature on them coming soon. Seriously, this shop needs a post all on its own!

Did you go to ICNA? Is there a shop you liked? Tell me about it!

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    1. Not sure what went wrong there, but I have reloaded the images:-)