GIVING BACK: Our 1st '"Reader Appreciation Reward" Monthly Program

We want to give love back, say thank you for your readership and continue supporting hard working businesses. So, we decided that every month(except for Ramadan) we will choose a business from our recommended 'Shop Directory' and give something from their shop to you. We will have a different theme every month. Also, we are not going to make you jump hoops, write essays, share the world or super like anything. Your fingers have done enough work! All you have to do is pick which item you want from the options we post. That's almost it! There is one thing though, if you are an active reader and we recognize your name, you automatically jump up the line to be chosen. Did we just sound like stalkers? But, you are stalking us. Hmm? Anyways!

This month we are featuring ISLAMICGEMS


Pick from below one pin that you want from the ISLAMICGEMS 2013 Collection and tell us here.

1. Color Block Drop Stick Hijab Pin

2. Pearls Basic Hijab Pin

3. Crackled Glass Stick Hijab Pin

The item is non-sponsored(basically, the purchase comes out of our own pockets. This is true love. Aren't you glad we met?).


This is exclusively ONLY for Sweet Modesty readers. You have be either a reader on our FB page, Newsletter or one of our Tweeps.

Winner will be announced June 16th.

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