GIVEAWAY: Peace Love & Bubblegum

We welcome our guest Peace Love & Bubble Gum!

A bit about them:

Peace Love and Bubblegum is a custom made pin shop that uses beautiful stones and glass.

" It had been 9 years since I decided to wear the hijab. When I was a newbie I used safety pins and other large dangerous objects to pin my scarf. Although this was very amusing to my friends I had a hijab intervention. They kindly showed me how to use pins inconspicuously and how to wrap my scarf. Over the years through my travels abroad I collected pins, most ugly and most never used. Enough was enough, I was sick of the pins. I had to do something about it. My first inspiration came from the peace sign bead I spotted at a hobby shop. It is small but for me it says a lot. It is sort of a personal statement that I put on display while being unique. Peace love & bubblegum for me represents fun loving girls that don’t take themselves too seriously. They choose to cover but also do so with style."


1. Make sure you like Peace, Love & Bubblegum's FB page.

2.  In one word, what does the headscarf mean to you? Whether you wear it or not.
Post your answer here.


Upcoming Spring collection set that is not yet available to the public. It includes three pieces; metal butterfly, resin flower and a turquoise dyed howlite stone + BONUS: original set which the business was named after.

{This is NOT the prize set.}
{This is NOT the prize set.}


June 12, 2013

One winner will be announced June 14, 2013.