Your Guide To 2013 U.S. Muslim Fashion Shows

Something is happening in the U.S. in regards to Muslimwear. Fashions shows are popping up catering to the Muslim woman rapidly. Is it the demand? The rapid growth of Muslim American designers? or have they been there all along and due to the increase usage of social media networks, we are just finding out? It's probably a little too early to read on some statistics, but one fact is true; there is huge demand for clothing catered to the Muslim woman. 

With two fashion shows that have already ended this year, one which is in it's 6th year standing in California and ended yesterday, Fashion Fighting Famine and the other one hosted by International Sister's Network and who is on on its 17th year in Washington ended on March 10th. So, what's coming for the rest of the year? We rounded up the upcoming ones, but do check back on this link for updated ones. 

15th Annual Sister's Recognition Luncheon and Fashion Show "Beautifully Adorned" (Philadelphia, PA) - NEW!

"On behalf of United Muslim Masjid and the Fashion Show Committee, we cordially invite you to our 15th Annual Recognition Luncheon and Fashion Show. UMM's Recognition Luncheon and Fashion Show is one of the longest running Islamically based fashion shows in the United States! This year will be an elegant affair where we will honor a diverse group of Muslim Women for their excellence in the field of health and activism." - Umm Fashion Show

In Naperville, Illinois.

Taking place in New York featuring jewelry designer Nida Mirza.

In Atlanta, Georgia, the longest standing Muslim fashion show in America. 27 years!

On its 2nd year running in Dallas, Texas.

 Miami, Florida.

Modest Fashion Week is in the works. The  Modesty Defined Islamic Fashion Council has yet to set out their date.

Here is some insider info; There are plans on a fashion show in New York! I am super excited about that one, hence I live here. So, keep checking back for updates and more shows. 

If you know of a local Muslim fashion show happening in your community, please share! I would be more then happy to post it here. Email me at
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  1. Ahhh finally! Im like so overwhelmed with all these new events and just trying to figure out who is who and when! THis is an awesome post I really appreciate it. Its good to have all this. Inshallah once my business is up and running ill try to attend all these next year :)

    1. I was in the same boat:-S I look forward to knowing about your participation next year. InshaAllah. Although, I think the number of shows will grow and you will have lots more options. InshaAllah=)

    2. :) inshallah thank you my love!

  2. Thank you for posting this we had an overwhelming response to the Fasion Guide you created! Mashallah

  3. i am impressed to see every thing happening without disobeying allahswt