The High Tea Fashion Show hosted by ISLAMICGEMS

'The High Tea Fashion Show' hosted by ISLAMICGEMS was a beautiful organized private event divided into two parts and a trunk show by jewelry designer Nida Mirza. It had a pretty good turn-out! The event was held in one of the halls of St. John's University in New York. During intermission an interactive clue game was played by the attendees. 

The first part consisted of maxi dresses and embroidered caftans and the second part of the show consisted of caftan-style tops and topcoats. Clothing items are sourced under Nida's store name NiMi launched in 10.11.12 and the jewelry is designed by Nida Mirza under her label ISLAMICGEMS.

Due to the privacy of the event, picture-taking was not allowed. The above image is a courtesy from jewelry designer Nida made public on NiMi's FB homepage.

The trunk show involved jewelry and clothing. Of course, I couldn't resist and got a beautiful top. I will show it to you guys once I receive it. 

There was more to the event after the catwalk, but that is between us attendees. All safe healthy fun! So much, I came home with one earring only.

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