GIVEAWAY: Bella Luna Abayas

We welcome our guest Bella Luna Abayas!

Bella Luna translates to beautiful moon in Spanish. The is Mexico's 1st Muslimwear label. It's founder and designer is Mexican native and revert Muslim Alhelí Sg. Read our interview with her here.


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2. Pick ONE of the characteristics from the 4 of greatest women in Islam whom you identify yourself with the most and write it HERE:

Asiyah (ra) wife of the pharoah - PATIENCE

Khadijah (ra)wife of Prophet Muhammed (saw)- LOYALTY

Maryam (ra) mother of Jesus(pbuh)- PURITY

Fatimah (ra) daughter of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)- STEADFASTNESS

The piece you see below called 'Hey Sailor' will be the giveaway item. One entry per person.


April 19, 2013

One person will be chosen to take home the beautiful 'Hey Sailor!' dress on:

April 22, 2013

We are looking forward to reading your entries!

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