Rocks That Rock: Dalia Hamdallah Jewellery

When I came across Dalia Hamdallah Jewellery, I knew my readers had to see this! I really like how she works the stones and mulitple gold-plated brass wires in a playful manner the looks so easy to do. I read that one of collections was born when she was cleaning her grandmother's jewelry. You can find her pieces here and soon in For The Love of Vintage in Amman, Jordan.

D Jewellery is private home-based business started  in 2002 by Dalia Hamdallah that was born out of her love for jewellery, stones, and the passion to create. Dalia lived in Egypt and Sudan for most of her life which bloomed in her the love of ethnic and african jewellery and semi-precious stones that she saw at the famous silver and stones markets Khan El Khalili and Umm Durman. She startedsmall and grew through her friends' demanding her to grow and sell her creations. Today she resides in Amman, Jordan where she continues to sell her pieces in retail stores hoping to soon open her own store. " - D Jewellery

*all images are credited to D Jewellery

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