An Idea & Talent Merge: The NEW Parisian Modest Swimwear

This past December as I walked past a stall called Couture Swim N' Sport, I got stopped by the colors of what I found out to be swimwear. I then went to get a feel of the fabric and I said, "Whoa! this is good stuff!" I proceed then to learn more about this swimwear and take pictures. People have to know about it! We had a chat with Asmah owner of Couture Swim N' Sport and she gave us the scoop on this high quality trendy new modest swimwear.

sA: Tell us a bit about what inspired you to open Couture Swim N' Sport?

Asmah: I was in the market to replace my worn out swimsuit. I owned a black wet suit over which I wore a swim shirt that was really huge on me, even though I ordered my size and then topped it off with a scarf since it didn’t come with a swim cap. So when the search began to find something new, I really didn’t want to replace it with the so-called Burquini. I needed something more stylish and colorful. The search was futile. Why couldn’t I find anything that looked good on me?? There were plenty of fashion conscious women like me who loved the outdoors, lead active lifestyles and needed coverage! I had to do something about it! The entrepreneur in me would not give up so easily. This was the beginning of my new venture Couture Swim N’ Sport.

sA:    How did the collaboration between you and Parisian swimwear brand MadammeBK come about?

Asmah: I was introduced to this lovely Parisian brand through a friend and what I saw was an answer to my question above. The styles were feminine, the colors vibrant and the whole concept was a luxury brand with lustrous Italian swim fabrics that just begged to be transported off to an exotic destination! All the while providing modest coverage and sun protection! I couldn’t ask for more. So I contacted the designer of the brand and convinced her of the opportunities in the North American market and why I would be the perfect partner for her brand expansion given my extensive business and design background. This was the beginning of Couture Swim N’ Sport, the exclusive partner and retailer for MADAMME BK products in the USA and Canada.

Vanessa, the genius behind the brand MADAMME BK got her Masters degree in High Fashion at Champs Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisian which is the most exclusive authority of Fashion in the world. So it really doesn’t get any more couture than this. For those who appreciate design, it is definitely all in the details! But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself!

sA: What sets MADAMME BK aside from other brands?

Asmah: Plenty of things are different about this brand. First, it is the fabric itself. The soft luster on the swim fabric is something I have never seen. The beautiful colors , the stylish designs, and the hand made details are the hallmarks of  this luxury brand. The fabrics are UPF50+ and offer a high level of protection from the sun. They are also salt water resistant and sand resistant. They retain their shape and smooth out the curves to give you a slimmer silhouette! Now which of us would not want that?

I have also seen a lot of interest from people who are highly sensitive to the sun and have other skin issues or simply prefer more coverage. So we are going mainstream with our marketing to offer stylish sun protection and trying to showcase to people that being beautiful is not about being bare.

sA: Will Couture Swim N' Sport carry other brands as well?

Asmah: For now, I am focused solely on this exclusive brand. We also have some exciting products in our line up for the future, so stay tuned!

sA: What has been your feedback since you started?

Asmah: Feedback has been great! It is almost as if swimwear has been redefined for many of us! I am getting a lot of comments such as “ I had no idea it could be so stylish”, “No more hiding in the most secluded corner of the beach”, “I can get rid of my oversized shirts now” etc. So as you can see the response has been very positive and so have the sales orders. We have limited quantities available for now as they are all custom made in Paris, but we do want to get it into the hands of all the Fashionistas so that they can experience the difference for themselves.  We are also planning some fun promotions soon.

sA: I understand Couture Swim N' Sport will be participating in Fashion Fighting Famine Runway relief show this coming March, how is that going? 

Asmah: We are very excited about the designs being featured on the Runway. We are honored and privileged that the brand was chosen to be one of the featured designers in the biggest Muslim Fashion Show in the US. Fashion Fighting Famine is known both nationally and internationally for showcasing the best and the latest trends in the World of Muslim Fashion, so that speaks for itself.

According to Nida Chowdhry, Executive Director at Fashion Fighting Famine “MADAMME BK is the clear leader in designing modest swimwear in elegant design. MADAMME BK is defining modest swimwear in a whole new way: bold, chic, confident, and couture. Their designs are about feeling fabulous and free as every woman deserves to feel.”

sA: What other items will we be expecting from Couture Swim N' Sport?

Asmah: We are planning the launch of a new modest sportswear collection in the Spring/Summer of 2013.

sA: Which piece is your favorite?

Asmah: Now that’s a tough question!! I have yet to decide on a favorite, as they are all so pretty. Personally I have the Plissè syle and I am planning on getting the Jupette in Monaco Blue and Pink.

sA: Describe your relationship with the designer?

I don’t think I could have asked for a better collaboration. Vanessa is great to work with and is extremely talented and fun as well. We share the same kind of vision for this line and also have the same kind of passion. That is why she thought I would be a perfect representative for her brand. The collaboration is very powerful for the future of Muslim Fashion as Vanessa, who is a non-Muslim mainstream High Fashion Designer is focusing on the trendy Muslim market. So there is a lot of potential for us here to have the attention of a designer who recognizes the need for style and fashion without compromising modesty, which is the hallmark of Muslim fashion! 

Designer, Vanessa Lourengo(middle)

Couture Swim N' Sports is set to showcase at different fashion shows check here for more details. Also, check-out their lookbook here.

"Move over Bikinis!! The beach isn't just for you.."  -  Asmah

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