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"East Essence operates as a non-profit organization  because our goal is not to make a profit, but to offer our sisters affordable, modest clothes for low prices. We also believe in giving back to the community. We have a very successful scholarship program that sponsor’s students who need help earning their undergraduate or graduate dgrees(please see our website for more details). We also offer an affiliate program for stay at home moms, or Muslim women trying to make a little extra money at home. In addition, many of the returns we receive from our customers (Unworn) are donated to Muslimah’s in need of clothing in our communities."     - East Essence


Who is a Superwoman in your life?

To define superwoman we should look to the Qur’an. It holds every role a woman could ever have: a single woman, a single mother, a happily married woman, an unhappily married woman, a career woman, and a barren woman. 

Maryam, Um Issa was happily unmarried and a single mother and she was still a beautiful servant of Allah who did not succumb to all of the talk and hearsay around her pregnancy.

Then there is Asiyah. She was married to Pharoah, one of the most horrible men to ever live. Her husband was arrogant and asked people to worship him. She was barren, and was married to a man who killed babies. She found our Prophet Moses as a baby stranded. She took him into her care and convinced her husband to keep him under their roof, despite his evil ways. She never lost faith in God and remained steadfast in prayer and belief. Prophet Muhammad is said to have mentioned her as one of the four greatest women of all time.

Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba, was a leader and career woman. She was the head of her country and her story is cast in a positive light, she was a good queen, and was respected for it. Her reference in the Quran offers a strong argument to those who believe that Islam is not against the concept of a woman ruler or a career woman.

Superwoman is not the lady who does it all. Rather, she is the woman who is not scared to ask for help, to stand up for what she believes in and more importantly, dedicate her life to the service of Allah


In 250 words or less describe a superwoman in your life. Please give specific examples as to why she is superwoman. What is her role in your life and in the community? When you think of her, which one of our Quranic role models comes to mind? Please tell us why she deserves the abaya.

Deadline for entries is November 23rd. Please follow all rules below or your entry will not be qualified.

To Enter:
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  • In the subject please state: “Sweet Modesty November 2012 Giveaway” to
  • Lastly, state which Abaya you are competing for: Career Abaya, Occasion Abaya, Casual Abaya

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