Favorite CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist: SUNO

The first thing that comes to my mind is 'So American' Fashionista had mentioned it is Prairie-like, and that is exactly what came to mind. The little house on the prairie, nice wind, flowers, blue sky and the whole works, but definitely a modern freshness. The layering of pieces and prints are done in good proportion and any of these pieces are wearable in conjunction or in separates. I consider them a pretty conservative and timeless line and I can see myself working their pieces in my wardrobe. Oh yes! one last observation, I really like how they lightly touch on certain trends, but at the end they own their designs.

Suno RS13 1718

Suno RS13 1728

Suno RS13 1742

Suno RS13 1757

Suno RS13 1867

Suno RS13 1889

Suno RS13 1904

Suno RS13 1919

Suno RS13 1928

Suno RS13 2048

Suno RS13 2104

"New York–based designers Erin Beatty, 33, and Max Osterweis, 38, have been committed to putting ethically sound practices on the map since 2008, when they made their first collection in Nakuru Kenya, from vintage kangas. In recent seasons, they’ve extended those sustainable production values to Peru for knitwear and India for embroidery.  “There is a visual language that comes from the first collection, but in order to grow, we had to start developing our own fabric and finding inspiration everywhere,” says Osterweis.   For spring, the duo brings a rosy outlook closer to home: prints sprigged with peonies and lilacs that pay homage to antique-American quilting and floral textiles."  -  Vogue

*images credit: fashinista, style.com

who is your favorite?

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  1. To me, the style looks much more Japanese-textile influenced than little-house-on-the-prairie. I like a lot of the pieces. The models have a very masculine look though which is somewhat offputting.