REVIEW: Hijab Obsessions

"Hijab Obsessions is an online business based in the UK. We stock a variety of products including jersey hijabs, snoods, handmade hijabs, headpieces and much more. We also sell an exclusive range of Handmade Islamic canvases and clothing items designed by Street Muslimah arts."  -  Hijab Obsessions

I have been following this shop since last year. Ya, a bit of a stalker, but for a good reason. They design and make a number of their hijabs. I really appreciate creativity specially now a days that everything is so manufactured and alot of stores carry the same stock. Sort of makes me feel like the world has ran out of ideas. Moving on, not only do they create, but they also have very good business ethics. How? well, they could easily just replicate Rabia Z's headscarf, but they don't, instead they are a stockist. I think that says alot. Don't you think? 

I normally don't take picks of items when I review, I like surprises and not only that, I really don't want to take away from the review. Once, I pick something I like, I already know I will be giving almost alot of good notes. On this particular occasion, I picked a couple and I was then sent one of the ones I picked. I had high expectations for Hijab Obsessions because they have always promoted themselves with excellent quality. Well, I can tell you that.... 

When I opened the package. I noticed how neatly the items were folded. It tells a business cares about their products and wants you to come back. It didn't end there, as I was unfolding the scarves, I found another tissue within its fold. 

Two items were sent to us. The first is one of their top-selling jersey hijabs, the Maxi Jersey Hijab, made out of my favorite fabric. I used to make jesery hijabs, so I think I know a thing or two. I can first tell you that it is incredibly soft and made from top quality jersey knit. It is about 85x35 inches. A very good size to cover what is required and the stretch in the jersey knit keeps it in place without pins. The only thing with jersey knit that contains eslastane, it weighs down the scarf. I think the weight of this jersey knit is perfectly light and the size is just about right to not let it push down your head. The color is a perfect neutral that can be worn with many outfits. The edges are hammed. This avoids for the edges to roll in as it naturally happens with jersey-knit. I highly recommend this scarf. It is one that will get many uses, and now I know why it is one of the top-sellers.

The second item is their navy blue shimmer hijab. It has gold shimmering. At first touch it is  soft and translucent. I tested the scarf by handling it in different occasions to see if the shimmer would fall, but it didn't. The edges are sewn  perfectly and I didn't find any threads hanging out anywhere. The workmanship is exceptional along with the quality of the fabric. I think it makes a very nice addition to an event outfit or to just jazz-up a casual one too. I also found that they make junior jersey hijabs for girls 10yrs and under. That was surprising. There you go, now you can have a mommy and daughter day!

Hijab Obsessions also carries wall art by Street Muslimah Arts along with personalized Arabic jersey hijabs. Their most recent additions is handmade liberty lawn fabric scarves. This type of material is high quality because the cotton goes through an extra process of combing to make it very soft and more durable.


Lastly, I also took the time to read over comments and conversations on their FB page. Hijab Obsession has a good attitude and replied promptly to their customer questions and request. They do have a return policy, but they don't pay for returns. I also think their prices are very fair and right on the  point with the market. The only thing I wish they would add to the description section of the scarf is a bit more detail on the the type of fabric and move the detail section up to where it says 'quick overview' I almost missed if I wasn't exploring the site. To me personally, I would love a more upbeat website to match the artistic essence of their store. Also, the 'about us' link was not working.

On the overall, my findings are that if you are interested in a good quality scarf whether for yourself or a gift along with good customer service, and a fair price, Hijab Obsessions is definitely a place to bookmark!

Thank you for all those who participated in the giveaway for the reviewed items. The people who will take the reviewed items are:

Mariam Salih
Shagufta Noor


advertising: visit our new shop
Innovation: Good
True Colors: Excellent
Design: Excellent
Workmanship: Excellent
Customer Service: Excellent
Shipping: Excellent
Product Quality: Excellent
Price: Excellent

Based on the scale of:   Poor - Ok -  Fair - Good - Excellent


  1. Asalam waliykum, i also did a review of their hijabs too. one was also the black shimmer n silver. Do check it out on my blog

    1. Thank you so much Salwa for sharing. I enjoyed reading your review. Hijab Obsessions is a keeper!=)

  2. Jazakallahu Khair sis for the lovely review. We do try our best and InshaAllah we have alot more exciting products in the next month or so. Also we are looking to get at a better website with more features in the coming year InshaAllah.

    1. Wayakom=) and thank you for the opportunity to review your excellent made items. I will keep an eye out for your new items. It is always exciting to see your new creations!