The Midi Skirt & Sociofashconomics. Blah! I want to see Pictures!

Somewhere I read(or heard) that you can tell the economic state of a place by the hem lines. If that is true then I don't know where Wall Street is getting their wiki-leaks that we are heading into another of the countless recessions they have announced because last year Maxi skirts were a hot item and this year the hemlines are going up with Midi skirts(mid-calf length) Enough of sociofashconomics class. As a muslim woman depending where you are at in your journey of hijab(covering your aurah) midi skirts qualify under mahram(men you can't marry) and they make great versatile pieces for only-woman events. If you are transitioning into skirts, they can make a good stepping stone and it is a good opportunity to start wearing them now that they are in style. It just makes it easier with the modesty transitioning. Midi skirts have been my favorite this season along with cat-eye frame glasses.

Alright! Alright! I want to see pictures!

Asos Linen Midi Skirt Asos Skinny Waist Belt Madewell Pullover Jeepers Peepers Round Sunglasses Hive & Honey Hammered Open Circle Statement Necklace Leo Ventoni Bow Bag Pour La Victoire Irina Platform Pump Kenneth Cole New York Yellow Gold Watch Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow Sinful Colors Professional Innocent Nail Polish

DSC02788 (1)use

Suedette Midi Skirt (Rust)

Olivia Lo - Fashion Salade 4

Here are some tips on wearing midi skirts modestly:

1. Avoid wearing the tight midis(that's called a pencil skirt). The whole point of modesty(at least in Islam) is not to show the lines of your contour except if you are with your husband. 

2. When purchasing your midis(if they don't have lining) make sure that you check them against the light for transparency.

3. Careful with jersey fabric midis. They will snug to your body when walking. Aim for a slip underneath, if the sale is that good.

4. Keep your midis below the knees. When you are in the changing room, sit and look to see if it covers your knees. If you don't use changing rooms except for praying, then put the skirt against you a bit higher then your belly button and see if it covers your knees. 

Have you already been styling the midi, if so tell me about it. What's your fave look? Mine would have to be the t-shirt with wedges and funky purse.

*the above modesty hijab guidelines are based on Iman Yasin Khalied HERE.

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  1. I love the midi circle skirt! Absolute staple in my wardrobe! In fact, it takes up more then 50% of my wardrobe. It is akin to the Desi Churdar and Shameez, except it is actually more covering. I prefer it to Maxis because I can actually run in it and climb up stairs without tripping over the long hemline or picking up my dress and showing my legs anyways :-/ Love it! But your right about the material and fit as well as flashiness of hte outfit in whole, not too much makeup or jewelery, keep it simple, think TURKISH style :-)
    As long as it it loose from the navel to below the knew and your breasts are covered with your loose Khimar (the whole POINT of KHIMAR), it is covered enough. Good luck to all Muslimah's in their modesty journey! Peace to All!

  2. I am soo in love with midi skirts. Especially the ones with volume! I am so happy with this trend. <3
    They go perfect with a modest outfit.