It's All About The Bag!

Yup! another post about bragging items(so, you might want to give-up just about now or continue reading. Gotta love those posts!)Yesterday running between pharmacies and the Vitamin Shoppe looking for some supplements for my MIL(in almost 100 degrees) I came across this new shop in my neighborhood. It is called 'Hanger ninety9' The only reason I remembered is because it is such a good name for a clothing store. Don't you agree? 

The thing that attracted me was a bright hardcase clutch on the window display. I hurried to get the supplements and promised(funny, I always keep these promises) myself I would be back to check-it-out. So, after some long debate with the doctor and hearing vitamin lectures from the associate from the Vitamin Shoppe, I was back at the new shop as I promised myself. I quickly went in and asked the lady, how much is it(ya, I get down to business) She said it is $48. I told her I would be right back because I seen the same one down the block. She quickly offered to give it to me at the same price as the other store. Well, I went to the other shop where I thought I seen the same clutch, but it wasn't. Great! I returned to Hanger and told the lady that no it was not the same. Oops! Well, I think we all have had this moment I am about to tell you. As I headed to the register, I seen it!! the bag I was looking for with everything I wanted! I'm not a branded girl(but that doesn't mean I do counterfeit items. I don't support this kind of stuff. So, I am picky non-branded gal, so what!). I  follow what I like and what identifies me(unless I am looking for quality and it's within my means. I live to my means, not the means of others.) Anyways, I was in that terrible situation we often find ourselves. Which one? which one?

(this is using my phone camara. It doesn't do justice for the color. The clutch is brightly blind, so just imagine)

Well, the decision was quick because I need something practical and I like to get uses off my things. I aim for the doctor like bag because it is a classic style and with a touch of trend and something that I can keep around for years(if I don't wear it out any sooner). 

The downside of this vinyl-jelly bag is that it will get dirty quickly(so, please don't touch..just kidding, well, not really) I like to keep my statement pieces(and don't we like to make statements some of us more with our loud mouths)and choice of trends in accessories(do you know how expensive it is to keep up with trends in clothes..uh, I don't got it like that.)

Now, for the unveiling(how dare I take the hijab off my bag!) They did have an orange one, but orange has this nausea effect on me. So, it was a NOPE! 

Almost forgot for brand fans, this is by Street Style.

So, what's your statement piece?

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  1. I love finding an item I've been looking for in the most unexpected places and times :)))

    1. Those are the quickest shopping moments too=)

  2. Love the bag, it's so awesome!