So, Which One Will You Wear This Eid?

Ramadan is around the corner and along with our internal spiritual preparations also come our outward preparations. Many of us will enter this Ramadan being one person and come out a totally different one. We pray to Allah SWT that is the case.  One of the best advises I have gotten in preparing prior to Ramadan is figuring out what I will wear for Eid. It might sound like an easy task, but not for everyone out there. Somehow, some of us put as much time as figuring out what to wear as preparing spiritually. So, to help you out(and me), here are some options and some basic tips to get your motor running.


1. It is not mandatory that you buy something new. Hey! if money is the object, the Islamic golden rule is please Allah SWT before people. So, wear your best outfit. I think I read somewhere that, if you are worried if people will remember what you wore last Eid, try asking your friends what they wore last Monday(ok, so maybe some of us might remember, but you get the picture.) Nor, your outfit has to be a chandelier. Opt to what makes you comfortable and happy. Remember simplicity was the essence of our Prophet Mohammed SAW.

2. When choosing your Eid outfit, the hijabs rules don't go out the window. Yep! there are still there and they still apply.

3. Remember that the location of prayer is not a fashion show. So, stop focusing on what everyone else chose to wear and stop criticism. And, definitely is not about dressing better then someone else. Sweetie, this is not the hijabi red carpet although it is a very special event. Focus on prayer and your dua and then talk your crap later or how about just saying 'MashaAllah'

4. The prayer location is not a "MATRIMONIAL SITE" basically a hook-up place. So, stop twisting your hijab. No, he is not going to pull-up in his Hummer(wait, I don't think they make those anymore) and ride away with you. It's more complicated than that.

5. Lastly, keep an eye out for a good SALE. Designers and clothing businesses are wrapping up their SALES plan before Ramadan. So, if there is dress you have been wanting, this could be the time to get it.

6. When ordering from designers or having something made, it is wise to order with significant time. 

Before we get into what's out there(or maybe you already scrolled down) remember to choose something that speaks you. You should feel comfortable and keep in mind when choosing an outfit for the eid party or parties, if you plan to choose the same one you will wear for prayer that it covers all the areas required for prayer. 

Let's start with the most traditional way, the Abaya? Now, there are hundreds of styles and designers to choose from. The styles consist of traditional to contemporary.

Caftans seem to be really out and about this year! 

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Yet some of us depending on our taste just want to stick to simplicity with a touch of elegance.

Another option is the maxi dress. This can come in handy for new reverts. I totally understand getting weird looks from our parents or family members if we step out of our room wearing an abaya with embroidery and stone work and all decked-out in the middle of the week at 7am. I mean many of our family members are already freaked-out, why add to it. Just be patient or change at a friend's house. 

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Maybe you want something with a cultural twist. Yep! I know some of us have a hard time getting out of our traditional clothing. So, maybe you don't want to stand out....ok, ok, just a bit! Darn, I want the spot light.

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Hey, some of us just want a dress.

Shirt Abaya
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Wait! I got it! maybe you want to mix the traditional with the modern?

Separates is another way to go!

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Grand Ball Floral Skirt by

orrrrrrrrrr you just want to go all out and trend it up!

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You might get in a designer frenzy.


RUBY Look # 3-E
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How about something just gorgeous? 


Midi skirts are also a great option to dress up for Eid around mahram.

Whichever way you go! Plan ahead for your Eid outfit(s). This really does help you focus on your goal during Ramadan, if you are serious about it. If you can also plan ahead some outfits for all those Eid parties, you will be invited to and remember you can recycle or even better trade used outfits with your family or friends. But, if you are a baller, then kick-off your Ramadan by donating all your past Eid dresses to other sisters who need them. Hey, it's one way to train yourself to detach and cleanse your closet from the dunya! 

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