Where Do I Find One of Those Blingin' Dresses?

That is thy second famous question, especially if you live in the U.S. The first one is: What am I going to wear? Well, I have put to work all my hours I dedicate to my page and blog to bring you some places along with some of my picks on where you can find some of those beautiful stunning Kaftans, dresses, or Jalabyias as some may call them and that we often see and admire over in the East.

My number one place is a U.S. business that has just recently started but is picking up speed. These pair of babes(and you will know why I called them like that in a bit) hand make each design. So, you know you are going to walk in there owning the place. LOL. Their business is called Mohajababes and they are based out in our sunshine state, California.

Next one up is Nisaa Boutique also founded recently and located in the U.K.

Here is a designer with a multicultural background, who understands the American culture and has a passion for Kaftans. Marena y Sol

Another store to check-out that carries a more tone down version, but still stunning is Royal Rickshaw. The only thing is that you are going to have to drop a few thou(thousands) here. So, if you got it like that, then share it(with me)

Looking for some simplicity? Abaya Collection. So, if you are not ready for all the glam, they have some very beautiful and simple ones with little bling.

My last selection and of course I had to seal this post with another U.S. based designer, Deanna Khalil, from Abaya Addict. Their bring their caftans from around the world and their clothing line is design by Deanna herself. It is definitely worth checking out!

There you go, now you know where to find a blingin' dress to impress!


  1. Thanks for sharing these websites. Gosh, these gowns are gorgeous.
    This page is definitly bookmarked!