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"A Canadian brand of modern Islamic/modest clothing - is where style and modesty converge. Our brand is based on four precepts: modest clothing that provides adequate coverage, attractive styling, quality and innovation. We work hard to make sure our products are in line with the current fashion trends. "  -  iLoveModesty

When I first read the email from Maha at iLoveModesty, I got really excited because since last year when I started following them and learning about them, their pieces have been one beautiful one after another and I really liked the fact that they take pride in designing and making their pieces. I think this makes a good connection between them and their buyers. Now for the moment of excitement, a review.

So, the journey started with the arrival of a box prior to my trip. 

Of course, I couldn't wait until I came back. So, I opened it. I am very big on packaging. To me it says alot about a business. Whether they are just selling to sell or they are doing both that and love what they do. I love how everything was neatly packed and the bow details. I also liked the fact of their receipt invoice(even though these items were sent as a gift) for some of us who might keep track of our expenses or gifted items from companies. But, on another note, this says alot about their recordkeeping. They are organized and follow a system, which means no lost orders.

I bet some of you want to know what is behind all this tissue paper. Hmmmmm....well, lets find out.

We received one of their handcrafted headscarf pins, Lux Blue Drop Hijab Pin. Right off the bat, it doesn't look cheap! I like the length of the needle is almost 1.5 inches or 3.5 centimeters. It is pretty sturdy. I like the length because when working with folds or thicker hijabs, it can work. iLoveModesty is really good at their product description. Normally this is where companies do their sales pitch for those who need a little help trying to buy. Some of us are sold with a picture. I like how they keep to the point and do actually describe the product. I did notice an imperfection on the grey fresh water pearl. I believe it is from the natural process. I tested the pin against the light. It is stunning to see the swarovski crystals reflect against the light and the blue ones actually gives another color, which I say is purple. The leaf spacers are gold-plated. I think this piece reflects exactly what is on their page and is a stunning accent for any headscarf made of modest quality pieces.

This is the picture from their website.

The next item up is one of my favorites. You can pretty much see this scarf all over my blog. It is one of their signature headscarves, the Ansa Hijab. They used to carry these other ones last year which truly were stunning. (Please bring them back). This is why I was so excited when I opened the package. When I first seen it, it first reminded me of the 1920's(wait not that am that old, but the other day I did meet a lady born in that era, anyways) It is of a velvet flower texture. One end has ruffles with I believe glued-on metal-plated beads. This is a must gentle hand-wash item. The other side has sewed-in bead work. It looks pretty sturdy. The scarf does have a slight of jersey stretch and I want to say that the velvet part has a silk blend to it because its softness and sheen. I always thought of this scarf to be on the heavy side and actually expected to be thicker, but it is actually light.  Their site states that is not 'see-through', I found it that it is. But, you can probably can get away without wearing an undercap, if you wrap it twice. Which brings me to another point. I measured it and even though their site says 25inches wide. I actually measured it from 21-23inches. For the length, their site states 75inches, but I measured 83inches. A slight imperfections are expected from handcrafted items.

 For styling, I did a bit of saudi style to show off the bead work on one of the ends and then mixed it with an Indonesian twist. I really still love this scarf and plan on ordering my own. I personally think it is elegant and can work for office events as well as other events.

The third item for review is one of their hand-picked scarves. The Classic Plaid Camel Maxi Hijab. My first impression was its softness. Their site states it is a silk and poly blend. It is light and has just a bit of stiff to it, which might come off with with the first wash(should be handwash. Sometimes the finishing chemicals put on fabrics, creates this. It also has fringes on both ends. It has a very slight see-through. My width measurements matched their site. It has 36inches wide. Their site states 78inches in length, I measured(with the fringes) 79inches. This scarf has alot of fabric to create different styles and also provide good chest coverage. I just did one of my Bedouin's style. 

There you have it my thoughts on this Canadian retailer who takes pride and care in their work. I describe them as homey, genuine and really a place where you can get good workmanship scarves along with jewelry for different occasions for fair prices. You definitely want to keep them in mind. They also carry abayas and other clothing. iLoveModesty has recently just added FLAT RATE shipping for Canada and the U.S. 

Innovation: Excellent
True Colors: Excellent
Design: Excellent
Workmanship: Excellent
Customer Service: Excellent
Shipping: Excellent
Product Quality: Excellent
Price: Excellent

Based on the scale of:   Poor - Ok -  Fair - Good - Excellent

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