A Sisterly Haul With Some Therapy

Have you ever literally went shopping just with the intention of window shopping? Oh! don't let 50 hear me on this one!

Anyways, My sister was in town for some sister bonding and I took advantage of trying something different this time in our shopping adventures and I think the theraupudic part other then our sitting at a cafe in Manhattan chatting for hours was that I actually didn't buy anything, except for that in my imaginary closet, and felt so good about it!

So, do you want to see what I virtually hauled?

We began the day early. NY was very windy, but we
were out to beat the odds! at least I was.

A little warning before we start...

Our first top was this really cute shop. Don't ask me the name. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of their cute sign.

Please excuse the window reflection. I was serious when I said I went window shopping!

But, I did go inside. These are bow clips for $3!

My next stop, this other really cute store! I really liked their door knobs and their heavy doors. As if they are saying, "Are you sure you want to shop here?" Me, "No, I just want to see."

My sister actually bought this one and was tempted but kept strong. Let't move on.

She couldn't make up her mind. The grey or brown and I couldn't make up mind to give up this silly window shopping idea.

These hangers are just so fem! Moving on....

Oh! these are actually slippers.

Can you believe this was only $2.99!!!! Almost gave in.

Bling! Bling!


The pressure was growing.....

Scratch that! "Hijabi" Territory. You are dismissed!

Ok, it was time to hit 5th Avenue. Now, for some real window shopping!

My favorite stop? Tiffany's  I love how they have a doorman to get the door for you.

Miu, Miu(mine, mine) my translation.

But, of course we stop by for a free tasting. Divine!

5th Avenue was easy and breeze. Next stop, Fashion District. Oh boy! here we go again. Here are some interesting finds.

Adult PJ. Frown, not my style, but got a good laugh.

The shop was closed, but would have loved to gone in!

Where are my glasses??? LOL

Look who we found modestly dressed, Hello Kitty! 


After a while we were really in need of something warm(Well, for me only) and some red velvet muffin sister sharing. 

And our adventure continues....

I am not sure where I could use these, but love all that sequins.

Can you say comfortable?

Scarves of course!

Yep! Converse.

Little big(maybe too big) girl shoes. $25

I love these! a little bigger I love these!

Can you believe that jacket fits in there? Read below regarding this new heat technology.

Believe it. Hmm. Am testing one of their items actually. Will let you know in my review section later how they hold up.

It was getting dark, so we started forgetting about the shops and did other fun stuff.

Well, that concludes our shopping(window for me) experience. I must say that it was very hard trying not to buy anything and harder when you have another person with you actually shopping and that little voice in your head saying, "Get it!" I felt very proud of myself and felt like I beat at least just for this once this world of consumerism. And, I actually think some of it rubbed off on my sister. Try it, if feels good to know you can actually practice some self-control sometimes.

...just sometimes.

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