I Whip My Headscarf back and forth!

I think we all can guess who this is, Right?

What about her?

Photo via Honey and Rade

It's kind of weird to read headlines like "The headscarf makes a come back" or "HOT ACCESSORY: The headscarf will be a must-have accessory for the season." when you wear one all the time. But, it is soothing to know our hijab is in style! Well, maybe Willow Smith's song won't be making it to 2012 unless its in a remix, which probably will be, but headscarves are not so ready to leave 2011. Fashion reports say this will be the hottest trend in 2012! So, pack-up ladies! I think our options are about to broaden a bit more.

Here, looks from the past.

Gio Armani

via Fashioning

Issa London S/S 2011

via Fashion Hacker

Moschino via Sassisam

Loewe via Vogue

Picture credit: Elle

Yes Mrs. O, you can make our cut:-)

I guess for some of us we can finally go shopping for headscarves with our non-muslim friends or vice versa:-)

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