Haute Hijab and Chanel

It was only a few weeks ago we did a posting on our Facebook page that read, "Oh Haute Hijab! you are becoming the CoCo Chanel of my life." for an item that they had just released. A few weeks later into this present moment, guess what? Karl Lagerfeld, head designer of Chanel has released three images of his new line to Net-A-Porter. So what does Haute Hijab and Karl have in common? Well, other then T-shirt dresses?

Haven't guessed it yet? Yep! Detachable Neck Collars. Sorry Karl, but this one is taken!

Would you wear one?

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  1. The shirt dress I bought from haute hijab wasn't designed by them. I think they're just a wholeseller. Maybe the detachable collar is different I don't have it.