Blog Warming Party!

First of all thank you for visiting!

Now, please please take a seat and make yourself comfortable....

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 Well, I am excited to kick-off with our blog and hope to bring a bit of inspiration filled with options for all girls and women in their journey of hijab and their phases as well as other women looking for modesty.

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Excuse me for a second, while I bring you a virtual Mexican hot chocolate and explain the details of the giveaways!:-)

(recipe here.)

There are 3 ways to enter to win a giveaway!

And what's a hot chocolate without some Mexican bread?

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Now, for the categories!

 If you just started wearing the headscarf or recently converted/reverted less then a year, you are automatically entered. Post the date you started wearing it or converted/reverted on our FB Page and mail me your name and date to

FAV ITEM: Take a picture of your favorite item or items you own. It can be your favorite scarf, shoes, ring, nail polish, glasses and post it on our FB Page.

STYLING: This category will have two sub-categories. One for muslimahs and the second for non-muslimahs. But, anyone can participate in either category.

Subcategory 1.
A list of items will be posted and you have to pick 3 of those items and put together an outfit that can fall in the category of any of the 3: Mahram, Non-Mahram and Husband. 

Subcategory 2.
Give yourself a modesty make-over! You can either do this by creating an outfit in Polyvore, use your closet, borrow clothes, post it on our page or email us the picture to


1. You Must be a reader of our blog:-) 
2. When posting on FB be sure to tell me the name you use on our blog, so I can cross-reference.
3. You can enter all 3 categories.

That's it!:-)

The deadline is January 15th! So, let's get to it mama! items for the styling will be posted soon inshaAllah(God-willing)....

In the meantime stay tune to our FB page from now until January 15th for a video of our search through NEW YORK for our goodie bags. InshaAllah(God-willing).

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So, how was the hot chocolate?:-) seriously, I love this recipe!

Thank you for coming!:-)


  1. Wow, that recipe looks amazing.. even though I didn't recognize a few ingredients :)
    Exciting! What a great idea for a giveaway!

  2. can you please extend the deadline to jan 25th? plssssssssss

  3. Haute Muslimah, thank you:-) I would be more then happy to send you the ingredients:-)

  4. Fouzia don't worry even though the deadline is that date, you have until I announce the winners which will probably be about a week or so after, so you will definitely make it and I won't close it until I have your entry:-)

  5. jazak Allah khair Sis Sadeel<3