Irregular Fashion Choices

Good day reader! Well, let me just cut through everything and get to the good stuff. I LOVE it when I find a store that has more then one item or a couple in some cases that j'adore. Let me show you my picks from this store.

Let's began...


Now time for shoes......

There is something about red shoes that can make any outfit come together. Lovin' the heel on this one! Just a side note on heels darlin' remember that there is a time, place and in-front of whom to glitter:-)

Now is this awesome! Different shoes to match your clutch. Isn't that something?

More cute stuff.....

This is an IPHONE cover....

So, what do you think? LIKEY or NO LIKEY:-)

These and other other items can be found at


  1. Def agree:-) I almost practically posted the entire