Hajj Essay Contest Winners!

We thank our participants and congratulate our two winners! We hope that you may also take with you in your heart the beautiful messages contained in these essays. (Please have tissues at hand because a tear or two might escape). Enjoy!

Essay #1
by Sister Nasmira Firdous

Seeing numerous pictures and reports on television year after year and having seen my parents perform this holy pilgrimage years ago, my ultimate dream to perform hajj is not just to accomplish one of the five pillars in Islam.  I would like to relive the incidents that took place centuries ago by the decree of Allah.. events that have captured the imagination of millions and transcended all forms of human boundaries.

Hajj for me would not be a mere physical pilgrimage undertaken as some sort of a ritual. Rather, it would be a pilgrimage that would help me witness Allah’s creation and realize that our hearts beat together with same string called “Islam”.

Allah says, “And hold together and be united through the rope of Allah and do not be divided” (Glorious Quran 3:103). Lets live up to this verse inshaAllah.

Hajj would be a spiritual journey that would allow me to flush myself of sinful toxins and start my life anew..afresh. Oh, what a rejuvenating feeling that would be for my mind and body, subhanAllah!! It is overwhelming to think that irrespective of how insignificant I am, Allah (swt) in all His infinite mercy will end up forgiving me and will cover me in His Love. Is there a higher love to yearn for other than Allah’s?

I would like to relive the moment when Hajira was left all alone in a desert with an infant and yet had amazing faith in Allah, a characteristic only a REAL believer could display. Its a powerful lesson for us to understand that we must never despair of His mercy. Standing in the same land where Hajira stood would reinstall the magnanimous faith in my heart that there is only one way out of any situation: Tawakkul: Reliance upon Allah in any situation! If Allah is there by our side, what do we have to lose and if He has left us, what do we have to gain?

Having a chance to go from Safa to Marwa like how Hajira did would help me understand another powerful lesson in life. I will not be fed with a golden spoon, rather, I must run hard and sweat it out to get what I want. When I have done my part, Allah will help me and provide sustenance from places I could never even imagine! This is one lesson that should help all of us get going no matter how tough life seems to be.

I would love to be lost in the sea of humanity, breathe the atmosphere of Islamic bonding and proclaim the Oneness of Allah with talbeeh in our minds and hearts along with millions of people cutting across geographical, social and racial barriers.

May Allah make it financially, physically and mentally easy on all those who haven’t performed Hajj. Ameen.

Essay #2
by Qorsha


Flash forward into the future, as my new husband and I embark on a journey of faith together. I can hear his timid voice questioning whether or not the wedding was extravagant enough, but I quickly dismiss that idea as I say, "Hajj is the best way to celebrate our union, may Allah make it a beneficial union based on faith, mercy, respect and love." I imagine us experiencing Hajj as our honeymoon but unlike most, which eventually fade away, this memory will be vivid. I will be able to relive our preparation for Hajj, our nerves, and the many pleasures of being in Dar-ul-Islam. We will spend nights in prayer, whisper du’as and ayahs as we take part in a two-fold life changing experience. I can imagine us exalting Allah as we make tawaf around the Ka’bah. Yes, we’ll be young and na├»ve but one of the most important pillars of Islam will bind us and make us strong. May Allah SWT grant me a husband who I can see the Cave of Hira with, who I can go to Mount Arafah in order to raise my hands to the sky and supplicate, and who can increase my eman as I increase his. 

I told you a tear might escape!:-) Thank you and congratulations to our winners.


  1. Subhanallah! really beautiful messages!
    Even I imagine the first thing after marriage to be Hajj, Insha'allah! May Allah help us fulfill this dream! :)

  2. Ameen to your dua sis. They sure are:-) Thank you for taking your time to read:-)